Saturday, 7 October 2017

My (American) Dream

The American Dream

To absorb space ships off the oven pane
With dissolving meat
And the traces of tantamount letters
Of an open book

Regurgitated slime through a stitched net
For vermin and against them
Against ingress and penetration through the screen
Where a creature erects in red underwear
And winks in body photography

I shut my eye lids and tone down
To the flat line of life support
And swim in a puddle of blood and fumes
Faraway and deep
Towards the sun
Towards the egress out of the cesspool

7th September 2011.
03.34 am - 03.40 am

Vladimir Milojković

[Long time ago this poem was one of those which were sent to poetry competition. Another of my poems won first prize. Now, many years after it's written, American Corner in Subotica which held that competition in 2011 will maybe be closed down. In the memory of American Corner SU and that competition (held for 5th anniversary of AC Subotica) I am posting this My American Dream (as the topic of that competition was).]

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