Friday, 30 May 2014

Statement of the jury - their debut ("Prvenac") in 2014

At this year's competition from Kragujevac SKC "PRVENAC" gathered fifty writers from 17 cities in Serbia and the region , whose literary offer a very high quality with unquestionable affinities to modern poetry and prose concept , primarily .

Jury: Miljurko Vukadinović (Chairman) , Zoran Petrović and Zoran Pesić Sigma (members) made ​​a unanimous decision that this year published the following books : "NOTES FROM dorm . According essays on literature" , by Milan Gromović from Čačak; "Interview with Herta" book of poems by Vladimir Milojković from Subotica and " Twitter Stories"  by Dragan Babić from Karlovac-Novi Sad.

The novelty this year is multiple choice .

 Finally, the " first" get a book of literary and critical essays of a young interpreter who is not burdened with a generation whose lyrics follow a variety of literary production in recent years.

 Without any delay simultaneously with the phenomenon of social networking Babić next short short stories (and offered such a collection of prose) wrote stories that fit into a new type of social communication which could be classified in order of the shortest stories, arguing for a radical poetics of minimalism and principles of shortened exposure. Project how much personal and risky but missing and brave.

Milojković poetry collection also offers a particular project of which it is separated and determined to turn the most provocative poetry .

Jury suggests that the implementation and midwives Babić's and Milojković's book carefully and appropriately do break books because the books are specific and demanding in this regard.

Especially notable were the poetic writings of Nikola Oravec, Olga Trubarac, Suzana Djordjević, Andjela Pendić and Ivan Sarić and novel "Cold-blooded" by Jovana Murić .

Visible contributions were also noted works of young authors who are studying or living in Kragujevac .

Jury: Miljurko Vukadinović , Zoran Petrović , Zoran Pešić Sigma


  1. Congratulations on all your achievements.

    1. Thanks Silvia for your comment. It means a lot to me.
      Maybe the most valuable reward is actually just that, friends support. :)