Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hard on the mind

When it’s heavy in the head
and the words are jagged
oversized and gawky
like the hum of water
or flow of blood through the ear drum

Inside the feet rocks amass
On the lips, in the lungs
Bubbles dilate and contract 
And push out the heightened nerve voltage

The image flickers with a million dots
On the screen of simple shades
Silhouettes dance as in aged photographs
In frames the past is obliterated
Wrapped up in brain spheres

It’s hard, too hard
To rupture walls and chains
While it bursts through arteries and veins
Capillaries; sweat secretes
Which dissolves and washes away the body

The paralyzing sound of opportunity
And turmoil of chaos
While falling like a paper wrapper
Losing its fortitude in concrete crevices

When it’s hard on the mind
It’s hard for the words on the tongue
Among salivary glands
Like the sound of the TV without a program on
Sometimes, the universe perishes just then, in the eyes

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